Saturday, 9 November 2013


Hola. Me llamo Joe. NQT and Lead Teacher of Spanish at School 21. A free school in East London.

I've done it. I've made the leap. I've created a blog about teaching.

As an NQT, I need to show some form of reflection for my portfolio to reflect the Teacher Standards and being the attention-seeking, approval-needing person that I am, what better way to share these reflections than in the public domain.

Reflection plays a big part in teaching, from the 'What Went Wells?' to the 'Even Better Ifs' and for me, it has always has been easier, even somewhat cathartic, to get those thoughts out and onto paper (or blog).

Here, I will discuss recent lessons, recent CPD, MFL, current issues in teaching and learning, along with other aspects of the teaching zeitgeist. I hope other teachers can relate and find humour in my future posts.

Yes, this may be a way for me to vent but this is not a place for criticism of neither teachers nor students. All views are my own.

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